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Meet Dr. Daxon!

An Experienced & Compassionate Prosthodontist

“I don’t compromise with my dental health and that’s why my dentist is Dr. Kimberley Daxon. Thanks to Dr. Daxon, I have a smile that absolutely makes me proud.”

– Nelda, St. Petersburg, Florida

Meet Dr. Grundset!

A Caring Dentist Focused on Bite Problems, Gum Disease and Implants

“Dr. Grundset is not only a marvelously skilled dentist; he is a caring and compassionate human being. He will always hold a place of high esteem in our hearts.”

– Wallace, Melbourne, Florida

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Building stronger relationships by creating a one-of-a-kind dental experience.

At Daxon and Grundset Dentistry, We take great pride in being a unique kind of dental office – one that acts as your oral care consultant in addition to being your dentist. After all, it’s your smile and no two people are alike in their wants or needs.

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