3 Tips to Ensure Your Holiday Card is Fridge-Worthy

When you select the picture for your holiday card, you want it to be absolutely perfect. You imagine a picture with smiling children, their eyes on the camera and their clothing looking pressed and perfect. There’s just one problem: you live in the real world, with real kids who aren’t ready for a photoshoot every minute of every day. If you want to make sure your holiday card comes out looking fantastic, try these simple tips to create a beautiful and authentic family picture.

1. Go candid!

Instead of a posed stock photo look, try taking a series of pictures of your kids actually having fun. You’ll see smiles and laughs that everyone will want to hang on their fridge. Try having the kids wrap you and your spouse in a string of lights, or having them pose by the Christmas tree with their hands full of cookies. Anything that shows off your kids’ unique spirit works wonders.

2. Try a collage.

If you have several children, getting everyone looking good in a single shot can be impossible–especially if they’re young. Instead of trying to get one perfect picture, choose your favorite picture of each child and put them together as a collage. You’ll still have that perfect look, but without the struggle.

3. Dress appropriately

In many warmer climates, it might not be cool enough for those perfect Christmas sweaters quite yet. Instead, wear seasonally appropriate clothes for your Christmas pictures. If you have your heart set on fuzzy sweaters while the thermometer still reads over sixty, take your pictures indoors. Your kids will be in a much better temper, and you won’t end up with sweaty hairlines and flushed cheeks.

Creating the perfect Christmas card doesn’t have to be a dream! Don’t forget to show off your gorgeous smile! Call Daxon Dentistry today to perfect your smile and spread the holiday cheer.