3 Ways the Tech World Is Changing Your Oral Hygiene

3 Ways the Tech World Is Changing Your Oral Hygiene

The world around us is constantly growing, changing and advancing. It only makes sense that parts of our daily lives will also be subject to technological advancements. From apps that help you brush your teeth to 3D printed toothbrushes, the world is taking our oral hygiene by storm.



Blizzident is not your ordinary toothbrush. Toothbrushes haven’t seen much of a makeover since 1954, when the electric toothbrush came out. So the poor little guy is really in need of an upgrade. And Blizzident is just that. Blizzident doesn’t look like a normal toothbrush; in fact, it looks like a mouthguard. The tech and dental worlds collided to make this “toothbrush” that can clean your teeth in six seconds! It’s essentially like biting into an apple and coming out with amazingly clean teeth.

So, how do you actually use it? Put toothpaste on the tongue portion of the mouthguard, then insert the mouthguard into your mouth and grind your teeth back and forth. Simple enough, right?



For those of us who think flossing is a chore, there comes some new ways to clean those hard-to-reach places between your teeth. Waterpik allows you to use dental hygienist techniques in the comfort of your own home. You fill the water reservoir and press the button on the handle to high pressure. Then, close your lips and allow the water to flow into your mouth. It’s recommended to start in the back of your mouth and work forward, pausing between each tooth.



Yes, there’s another toothbrush on the list. The high-tech world is not shying away from reinventing—or rather tweaking—the wheel. The design of this new brush is sleek and modern, with ultra-hygienic silicone bristles that are great for sensitive teeth and gums. The ISSA also serves as a timer. The toothbrush buzzes after two minutes then shuts off. Or, if the customer prefers, ISSA will buzz after three minutes of brushing. The world is making it easier for us to be on top of our oral hygiene.

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