4 Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings

If you’re an adult, chances are you’ve had a cavity at some point in your life — and you’re not alone. In fact, 92 percent of adults ages 20 to 64 have had a cavity in their permanent teeth.

In order to prevent the spread of tooth decay, cavities are treated with a dental procedure known as a filling. While traditional fillings were made from a combination of metals like mercury and tin, cosmetic fillings are are made from composite resin, which gives them a more tooth-like appearance. But beyond matching the color of your teeth, cosmetic fillings often involve more than just the way they look. Learn more about the numerous advantages of cosmetic fillings below.

Cosmetic Fillings Bond to Your Teeth

When a metal filling (also known as an amalgam filling) is used in the treatment of a cavity, the dentist first drills the tooth to remove the decay. The dentist then mixes a powdered alloy with liquid mercury, which works to create an amalgam putty. The softened putty is placed in the prepared cavity and quickly hardens to create the filling.

Cosmetic fillings on the other hand, are literally “painted” into the cavity in layers. The material they are made of is a resin that bonds to the teeth securely so that they not only match the color of your tooth, but they essentially become a part of it.

Most of Your Healthy Tooth Is Saved with Cosmetic Fillings

Amalgam fillings have to fit into cavities in a certain way, so your dentist may have to drill out healthy teeth in order to make the amalgam filling fit. Cosmetic fillings don’t require any removal of healthy teeth. This makes cosmetic fillings a great option for even the smallest of cavities that require minimal drilling.

Cosmetic Fillings Are Safe

Amalgam fillings contain a mixture of metals, but one of the most concerning is mercury. While the FDA considers that low levels of mercury vapor associated with dental amalgam fillings are safe for individuals over the age of 6, some individuals may have an allergy or sensitivity to mercury exposure. Although these fillings are generally considered safe, cosmetic fillings contain no mercury and are therefore completely safe for your body and for the environment.

Cosmetic Fillings are Nearly Invisible

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of cosmetic fillings is that they are nearly invisible. Due to being composed of composite resin, cosmetic fillings have a natural, tooth-like appearance. Unlike amalgam fillings, cosmetic fillings won’t stand out as dark spots when you smile.

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If you have a cavity, cosmetic fillings are a great way to achieve long-lasting and natural-looking results. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of cosmetic fillings, or other cosmetic dental procedures, the professionals at Daxon Dentistry are here to help! From minor to complex dental issues, we treat all patients the same…with care, understanding and success. Contact us today for more information, or conveniently request an appointment online.