4 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids’ Oral Hygiene

We all know that practicing good oral hygiene is important when maintaining overall health. This is especially true with our children. But while you may think that you’re caring for your child’s teeth appropriately, you could be falling victim to these mistakes. Learn four mistakes parents commonly make with their kids’ oral hygiene here.

1. Not Supervising While They Brush

Learning how to brush their own teeth is a big feat for kids—but if you’re letting your little one brush alone, their oral health could be suffering. Little kids, specifically those under 8 years old, don’t always possess the necessary motor skills to brush their teeth effectively. While your child may think he or she is doing a good job brushing every morning and night, they could be missing those hard-to-reach spaces or not brushing long enough.

2. Letting Kids Go to Sleep With a Drink

While it’s fine for kids to go to sleep with a glass of water on their nightstand, you should refrain from letting your little one go to bed with any other drink. Most drinks our kids love contain added sugars—think sports drinks, juices, and even milk—which will coat the teeth and sit on them overnight. This can result in faster tooth decay, which can lead to cavities.

3. Sports Drinks

Little athletes tend to love guzzling down a sports drink or two throughout the day. However, despite the (often false) health benefits sports drinks tend to claim, these drinks are usually laden with sugar. Sugar is one of the worst things for our teeth and can lead to tooth decay, cavities and many other health concerns. Try to limit sports drink for special occasions or look for low sugar options.

4. Not Seeing a Dentist Regularly

As soon as your child gets his or her first tooth, they should see a dentist and continue to see a dentist every six months. Delaying visits to the dentists can result in tooth decay and cavities, which can impact your child’s oral hygiene into adulthood.

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