4 Tips on Caring For Your Dentures

In order to reduce the risk of damage and to increase the longevity of your dentures, give them proper care and handling.

1. Handle with Care

It is important that you are always careful when handling your dentures. Dentures are likely to break if dropped, even from short distances. When removing or handling dentures, lay out a folded towel or to work over a sink filled with several inches of water. Dentures can also be lost if taken out and left lying around. Dentures can be flushed down the toilet after vomiting or thrown out when left out wrapped in a paper towel or napkin. Pet owners should be especially careful, dogs have been known to eat false teeth or use them as a chew toy.

 2. Clean Daily

Dentures need to be brushed at least once every day to remove excess bacteria and food particles. Brushing also reduces the risk of staining of dentures that may become permanent. To reduce the risk of damage to false teeth, use a toothbrush with soft bristles or one that is specifically designed for dentures. Be sure to use a toothbrush created for use with dentures and clean all surfaces of the dental plate. It is also important to remove dentures after every meal or snack and rinse thoroughly.

3. Use the Right Cleaners

Many toothpastes and household cleaners are too harsh or abrasive to be used with dentures. Choose toothpaste recommended by your dental care provider or one that is specifically created for denture use. Hand soap or a mild dish washing liquid can be substituted when necessary, never use bleach or bleach products on dentures. A good choice is to choose products that have the acceptance seal of the American Dental Association (ADA) in order to select products that have already been proven both effective and safe for use.

4. Keep Moist

Dentures have a tendency to dry out and shrink when not in the mouth. There are special containers to hold dentures in a bath of water or special cleaning solution when not in use. Use cool or room temperature water, as hot water can warp dentures. Those who have metal parts on their false teeth should seek their dentist’s recommendations.