5 Most Common Reasons Your Teeth are Turning Yellow

Although our teeth are very strong (the strongest substance in the human body), they are not completely resistant to change.  Here are some of the top reasons your teeth might be yellowing faster than you like.

1. Bad Habits

Smoking is at the top of our “don’t do this” list if you want to have whiter teeth.  Besides the damaging health effects, smoking contains tar and other chemicals that limit salivary flow and almost always stain the teeth.  If you want whiter teeth, try to quit this habit.

2. Colorful Food and Drinks

Any food or beverage that has a dark natural or artificial shade may stain your teeth.  Blueberries are great for your body, but they do have the potential of absorbing into the enamel.  Pasta is tasty but the tomato acids mixed with the bright sauce can really do a number on your teeth.  Have you ever noticed a white porcelain sink after a spaghetti sauce got spilled on the surface?  Liquids that contain high percentages of acid are especially damaging so when you drink anything that’s not water, you should at least rinse with water to wash your teeth clean.  Wine, dark soda and energy drinks are common tooth staining refreshments that should be limited.

3. Poor Home Care

Plaque bacteria give off acid and the acid can wear down enamel.  That’s exactly how a cavity is formed. But before the enamel actually caves in, it starts to get pitted and stained.  Germs also love to stick to a textured surface so if a person’s brushing skills are less than desirable, the tartar that is formed will also start to pick up stain.  What’s really interesting is that certain types of bacteria tend to turn various shades depending on the species.

4.  Father Time

Unfortunately we all get older and our teeth are not immune to the aging process.  As the nerves of our teeth close in and the enamel wears away, the luster starts to fade.  Older sets of teeth usually have more man made restorations, adding to the dulling effect.

5.  Medical Conditions

There are a number of medications and medical diagnoses that are linked to tooth staining.  Antibiotics, antihistamines and some antipsychotic drugs have been reported to stain teeth.  Even the simple act of chewing an antacid can leave a little dark film behind.  Childhood illness sometimes interrupts the healthy growth of enamel, which can lead to pitted and dark adult teeth.

So, with all of the various ways your teeth get discolored, it’s nice to know that we have a few solutions for improving your smile.  Education, whitening procedures and cosmetic dentistry are some of our favorite and most rewarding services at Daxon Dentistry.