5 Dental Habits Everyone Should Do

Many people assume that brushing their teeth is enough to maintain their oral health and prevent cavities. Unfortunately, there is more that is required to protect your teeth and gums to ensure that they stay intact. To increase the care of your teeth, there are a few dental habits that everyone should practice on a routine basis.

1. Hold the Toothbrush at an Angle

Although many people are prone to brushing from side to side, it’s important to hold the toothbrush at a slight angle to clean the area where the tooth meets your gum line. This can prevent gum disease from developing by removing plaque in the mouth.

2. Brush Twice Each Day

Dental professionals recommend brushing twice each day to remove bacteria and plaque that can begin to develop when consuming food. Removing bacteria will prevent tooth decay from developing, which will prevent having cavities that need to be filled in the future.

3. Floss Daily

Flossing is just as important, if not more, than brushing your teeth by removing food particles that are lodged in between the teeth and gums. This will prevent the teeth from decaying in areas where the toothbrush can’t reach.

4. Avoid Storing Toothbrushes in Closed Containers

Some people may assume that using a toothbrush cover can protect the bristles from dirt or dust, but this can be damaging to your oral health. Covering the brush can cause bacteria to develop due to water that cannot dry after the product is used.

5. Buy a New Toothbrush Every Few Months

Your toothbrush may still be in good condition, but it needs to be tossed out every three to four months to ensure that the bristles work well and don’t become bent.

Besides practicing proper oral care at home, it’s also important to schedule regular cleanings and have your teeth examined during the year by a dental professional. If you haven’t seen a dental professional this year, contact Daxon Dentistry to schedule an appointment.