5 Reasons to Schedule Your Child’s Back to School Dental Appointment Now

5 Reasons to Schedule Your Child's Back to School Dental Appointment Now

Back to school is almost back again. While many prepare their children for another year of learning and education with new clothes, shoes and school supplies, it can be easy to forget to schedule a dental appointment to be sure their teeth are ready to go back to school too!

Keep reading for ten reasons you should schedule an appointment with your dentist office before you send your children back to school.
*Daxon Dentistry does not take patients under 18 years old, however, we encourage you to also schedule your dentist appointment now before the back to school rush! 

  • The school year is busy — for students and dentists.
    During summer, many families get out of the daily routine and take vacations away from home. Dental offices and other doctors find this is a slow season for appointments. This also means that many parents rush to schedule appointments at the last second to get in before school starts, so be sure to schedule as soon as possible to beat the rush.
  • Preventing missed time at school.
    While the kids may enjoy it, it is not ideal to take students out of school for appointments. Avoid this by scheduling six month check-ups during summer and winter breaks.
  • Current dental records may be required for school.
    Most school districts require copies of medical and dental records from parents before classes begin. (Even if it’s not required, it’s still always best to stay current on necessary dental and medical treatments for children and adults!)
  • Healthy mouth = a healthy mind
    Research shows that the quality of dental health can increase the risk for other medical conditions. Avoid further complications with dental cleanings every six months.
  • Our dentists want to wish you a happy school year!
    We love to catch up with our patients and patient’s intelligent and beautiful children! We love to see how much the kids and their teeth and gums have grown! Schedule an appointment now so we can ensure the dental health of the entire family is ready for anything!

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