5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is the biggest holiday for buying and eating candy—so much that the thought of trying to keep it healthy may have you saying, boo! However, making healthier choices around the holidays doesn’t always mean you have to go cold-turkey when it comes to the tasty goodies. Here are a few simple tips to make your Halloween both enjoyable and healthy:

1. After splurging on candy the night of Halloween, limit how many pieces of candy each person in your family eats daily or weekly. You can even stash the treats out of sight and reach to keep it from being too tempting.

2. Offer trick-or-treaters healthy non-candy alternatives, like small toys, fruit strips, or bags of pretzels.

3. Having a party? Try these healthier alternatives for Halloween snacks and appetizers.  

4. Fall is usually the beginning of flu season, so be sure to keep hands clean by washing them with soap and water before eating any holiday treats, or carry around sanitizer while trick-or-treating.

5. Eat a full meal before trick-or-treating. This will prevent you and your family from over-indulging on candy later in the evening.

Want one more tip? Don’t forget to brush and floss! Sugary treats can quickly lead to cavities and other dental issues that can be painful or expensive to fix. You can also look to Daxon Dentistry to schedule your checkup after Halloween to get a thorough cleaning and prevent any cavities from forming. Call us today or schedule an appointment online in advance.