5 Tips to Help Maintain Your Oral Hygiene When You’re Sick

Dental tips

For those with colds or the flu, it’s normal for your body to feel uncomfortable and at your absolute worst, especially when it’s contagious. Even worse is the oral hygiene that can easily get neglected when hours are spent sleeping and feeling sick. To ensure that your oral hygiene is maintained, there are a number of practical ways to keep your mouth clean even when you’re not feeling well.

1. Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide

Gargling with a capsized amount of hydrogen peroxide will likely improve oral health when sick as it works to kill germs in the throat and on the teeth. This can be done once a day, which can also help sore throats improve and heal faster. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide can also be placed on your toothbrush before brushing.

2. Use a New Toothbrush

It’s common for bacteria to stay on the toothbrush after brushing your teeth, making it important to use a new toothbrush when sick to prevent germs from spreading and even increasing the symptoms you’re already feeling. Your existing toothbrush can also be boiled in hot water for several minutes, which will kill all germs currently present on the item and make it safe to use while sick. Similarly, use a new toothbrush after your sickness has passed.

3. Brush Teeth Three Times a Day

When you’re sick, it’s normal for bacteria to multiply, as the mouth is often a breeding ground for germs when you’re under the weather. Brush your teeth after each meal to ensure that germs are kept at bay.

4. Keep Floss on a Nightstand

Flossing can often be one of the last things you feel like doing while spending hours in bed sick, but it’s important to continue to remove plaque that can sit and decay teeth. You may not feel like getting out of bed, but by keeping floss on your nightstand you’ll be more inclined to floss and remove lodged food particles that easily build up while sick.

5. Use Mouthwash Throughout the Day

You may not be able to brush as consistently as you want while sick, but mouthwash can help maintain your oral hygiene as it will work to kill germs and also remove food particles or bacteria that is present. This can also help the illness improve by keeping germs out of the mouth.