7 Things About Toothpaste

7 Things About Toothpaste

Let’s talk toothpaste: what kind do you use? Do you have a flavor preference? Fluoride or no fluoride? Whatever the case, your toothpaste and how you use it is important to maintaining good oral hygiene! Want more interesting toothpaste information? Here are seven interesting links from around the web about toothpaste:


1. The world’s oldest toothpaste was created by Egyptians.

2. Not sure which toothpaste to use? Check out this guide.

3. There’s probably seaweed and other weird things in your toothpaste.

4. Looking for an all-natural toothpaste? Here are 12 natural toothpaste alternatives.

5. Microbeads in your toothpaste might be hurting your gums.

6. Did you know? People used pumice and crushed egg shells to clean their teeth before the advent of toothpaste.

7. Got a bug bite? The fluoride in toothpaste can help to calm the sting.