Daxon Dentistry Patient Testimonials

Our Patient’s Testimonials

Wonder what others are saying about Daxon Dentistry? Wonder no more — you’ve found our testimonials page that highlights our patients experiences with esthetic dentistry, dentures, implants, and other treatments and their overall opinion of Daxon Dentistry!

My first visit to the office was wonderful. After previously meeting with another dentist in the area and not feeling 100% comfortable with the service received, I was recommended to try going to Dr. Daxon. Upon entering the lobby, I was greeted right away. The receptionists were great and offered complimentary water/coffee/etc. to make me comfortable. Afterwards, one of Dr. Daxon’s assistants came and showed me around the office and gave me some history behind the practice. She introduced me to all of the staff members and everyone was very welcoming. Dr. Daxon was introduced and we began an extensive consultation and exam in which she explained everything she was doing and thinking of in great detail. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a dentist to schedule an appointment! Not to mention, the view isn’t half bad!

– John

Over the past ten years I’ve had Daxon Dentistry provide my dental needs. I could have had my insurance provider provide me with almost free service, but because your business was not one of their preferred providers, I chose not to participate. Yes, I could get my dentistry needs done for almost no cost but because of my past relationship with you and your staff, that isn’t going to happen. My wife and I both trust Daxon Dentistry. Whenever we’ve needed you you were there, and for that I say thank you so much. And as to my hygienist JoAnn… to her I extend my sincerest thank you.

– Gerald

Dr. Daxon has provided my dental care for over a decade. I recently moved out of state, and the Tennessee dentist stated that I had the best dental work — specifically crowns — that he had ever seen. I just smiled and told him about Dr. Daxon and her passion for detail, excellence, and teaching. Thank you for helping me to enjoy a great smile.

– Joyce

I will never forget the coldest night of the year, rushing from car to condo, pushing my cart full of groceries when in an instant the cart wheels hit a crack between paving and sidewalk and came to an abrupt stop – but I didn’t. Over the cart I went. I’ll never forget the impact when my front teeth hit cement or the cracking sound of that impact or the taste of blood and sand. Today, after a fantastic restoration my smile is exactly as it was before that fall. I can’t tell the difference. No one can. I want to shout from the roof-top of the Plaza building that I have absolutely the best dental arts practitioner, the best dentist – period! Thank you, Kimberley Daxon, you are a real live action figure hero. Move over Wonder Woman! Anyone who is looking for a dentist in the Tampa Bay area need look no further. Dr. Daxon’s practice has the most beautiful waterfront view, convenient free parking, a caring, loving staff and the best dental care anywhere.

– Nelda

Extremely happy with the entire dental practice. Everyone cares about your well being. This is why we travel all the way from Weeki Wachee for our dental care.

– Digby

We travel from Jacksonville to have this practice tend to our dental needs. The staff are skilled, always learning, always striving to improve their knowledge to best meet the needs of all patients. We truly value the team’s philosophy of preventative care treatment which deals with the whole person, not just a mouth.

– Jack & Patricia

The best dental experience I have ever had — at 73 that’s saying something. Dr. Daxon and her staff treat you with care and consideration even if you are from out of town.

– William

What a relief to finally get the report on the work that needs to be done, and know that it isn’t nearly as scary as I’d imagined! Dr. Daxon was very clear and concise in her information and answered all questions, even inviting more. I’m ready to get started on the task at hand, feeling confident that I’m finally in the right place for top notch dental care! Everyone in this office is so cordial and genuinely nice. They truly care about their patients.

– Dani

Very professional and efficient operation. Office is very nicely decorated and very comfortable. I recommend highly to anyone and everyone. Thanks for your great service.

– Ron

Very positive experience. The Daxon Dentistry team are kind, friendly, professional, caring, and efficacious. Their dental care is second to none.

– Ernie

Going to the dentist used to drive me crazy — I really didn’t like it. I showed up late many times and I certainly wasn’t taking proper care of my teeth. When Daxon Dentistry began working with me, I felt that they really cared about me, my teeth and my overall health. Dr. Daxon has been working with our son for many years, making sure that everything is perfect for him. I couldn’t ask for a better team!

– Betty

Always professional, outstanding service, and top-notch quality. That’s why I have driven from Sarasota to St. Pete for the past 29 years!

– Lonne

Today’s visit was excellent and all procedures were performed flawlessly. The novocaine reversal shot that I received worked great! The numbness was virtually all gone by the time I drove home (less than a half hour). I like this stuff and will definitely ask for it in future visits. Thanks for outstanding service for me and my family.

– Ron

My hygienist, Joanne, is simply superb. She goes the extra mile, and I couldn’t be in more professional or caring hands. She was also most forthcoming in offering assistance and information for a young friend interested in the profession.

– Nancy

I was very pleased with my appointment and with the professionalism by the entire staff. I left feeling confident that I had made a good choice in choosing the right dentist. Thank You!

– JoAnn

There are no words to express my admiration, satisfaction, confidence, and thankfulness to the service I receive at the dental office from the office staff, to the dental hygienists and assistants, to the dentists. Their dental care and caring attitude are most evident and appreciated. I sing their praises to whomever will listen.

– Ernie

I have been a patient of Dr. Kimberley Daxon for many years and have recommended her to several friends. I recently had a new lower partial made that fit perfectly from day one. I no longer dread dental appointments thanks to Dr. Daxon and her highly professional assistant.

– Lillian

The work at the hands of Daxon Dentistry far exceeded my expectations. The initial consults were honest, informative, inclusive, and totally respectful of my entire life. Options were researched, provided, and implemented based on my needs, not theirs. Compassion and sensitivity to my fears were anticipated and consistently addressed. Without a doubt, service provided by the best in the industry, with integrity and heart.

– Monica

I’ve been a patient of Daxon Dentistry for as long as I can remember. Not only do they provide the most amazing care around, they have always treated me like family!

– Nicole

I have been extremely happy and totally satisfied with all the work Dr. Kimberley Daxon has done on my mouth due to the fact that all of my top teeth and some of my lower teeth had to be extracted. She has replaced all of them. Today, my mouth is completely comfortable – I can eat every and anything. She is extremely kind and caring as are the hygienists and office staff. I have always felt wonderful in this office. Thank you for a totally outstanding ongoing experience. You’re the best!

– Ann

I don’t compromise with my dental health, and that’s why my dentist is Dr. Kimberley Daxon. She does not settle for less than the very best in her practice, and she holds her staff to the same high standards. I have the utmost trust in this highly respected professional and complete satisfaction with the care she has given me. Thanks to Dr. Daxon, I have a smile that absolutely makes me proud.

– Nelda

My wife and I became patients of Dr. Kimberley Daxon and her staff in 2002. We were referred by another dentist because of issues with our “bites.” This started a long and wonderful relationship. Dr. Daxon and her staff have taken care of our dental needs, some of which have required extensive procedures, for the past nine years. We feel we have received excellent care from the practice at reasonable prices. My wife and I now not only consider Dr. Daxon and her staff the best at what they do, but we have established a relationship with everyone in the practice and consider each one a true friend. We recommend Dr. Daxon and her highly qualified staff to everyone that wants their dental needs serviced in a professional,competent and truly caring way. They are THE BEST.

– Jerry

From the very first visit to Dr. Kimberley Daxon I have been treated with the greatest amount of care. With my case being as difficult as it is, Dr. Daxon and her office have made every effort to make sure that I was progressing with my treatment. The office has always made it easy for me to come in whenever there was an issue. They are able to work around my schedule. The follow-up care is fantastic. I would receive phone calls from Dr. Daxon and her staff to make sure I was doing well, especially after a grueling appointment. I have made the hour drive to my appointments and will continue to do so with this type of care.

– Maya

I had the most complete dental examination in my 84 years done in a friendly, painless manner with explanations of each step as the examination progressed. Most pleased with my visit.

– Michael

I can’t believe how much I enjoyed my 2.5 hour new patient appointment today. I was nervous walking in, but everyone was so friendly and warm that I was quickly put at ease. I ended up learning a lot and having fun. Never thought I’d say that about a trip to the dentist! Thank you!

– Cindy,

I am pleased with the service that is provided. Everyone makes you feel special and the quality is far superior to anywhere I have been treated.

– James

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for Dr. Daxon and all the wonderful people that work there. Dr. Daxon is so kind and a superior dentist. It is as though each and every one is hand picked for their knowledge and thoughtfulness. It would be impossible to find dentistry this good anywhere else. I have thanked God often for finding Dr. Daxon!

– Holly

I used to dread the dentist, but I actually look forward to going to Dr. Daxon’s office! All of the staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a beautiful office with wonderful professionals.

– Michelle

You run an excellent high quality dental practice. Yours is the dental office everyone is searching for because of the level of quality and friendliness.

– Kent

I have never been disappointed in any aspect of my visits to the Dr. Daxon Dentistry office. I have completed my plan of care with Dr. Daxon and am so impressed with the outcome. From what felt like insurmountable issues to a perfect conclusion has been an awesome journey. We made a treatment plan with definite goals that we have accomplished and today was my final appointment for this part of my dental health program. It has been a wonderful journey with this dental practice where all the goals were met with professionalism, knowledge, integrity, respect and the highest quality of workmanship. Thank you for returning my quality of life to me and for helping me feel better about myself.

– Susan

I appreciate Regan’s efforts to get me contacted with Dr. Daxon. She really made an effort to get back with me with information and the action she had taken. She is very peaceful and makes others feel that way.

– Teresa

I was more than happy to receive an appointment and able to see the doctor so fast! The staff members I met were professional and very friendly!!! Being new to the area, I would love to have my dental needs taken care of here… Thanks again!

– Cynthia

I did not see the doctor on this visit, but she always takes her time with me and explains things to me in a manner that I fully understand. Joann does so as well and takes her time in cleaning my teeth and does an excellent job. Everyone in the office is friendly and makes you feel very welcome and comfortable as well. I have been coming to this office since the early 1990’s and would not consider going anywhere else. Please do not change and keep up the excellent work. Love you all.

– Janise