Avoid These Drinks if you want Healthy Teeth

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Caring for your smile requires a little more than just brushing and flossing. If you would like white, healthy teeth and would want to protect your teeth from cavities, there are a few drinks you should avoid. While all of these beverages are perfectly safe as an occasional treat, they definitely shouldn’t be the bulk of the liquids you ingest on a daily basis.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice may seem like a healthy treat, but it provides a double whammy of acids and sugars. The fruit acids can wear away enamel over time. Excess sugar in any form encourages the bacteria in your mouth to flourish. This bacterium is what causes the cavities, so keeping it under control is important.


Soda is an obvious threat to dental health. It is highly-acidic as well, with most formulas containing citric or phosphoric acid to give it a slightly sour taste. The carbonation does further damage, giving your teeth a triple punch of damage. Save soft drinks for special occasions and enjoy small servings with meals rather than at all times.


Coffee, tea, and wine are all healthy drinks when consumed in moderation. However, they all contain compounds that can stain your teeth. Cleaning your mouth after your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine is usually the best way to avoid damage. Sipping water before and after the drink will also help.

Drinks That Are Good for Your Teeth

Choosing healthier drinks for the bulk of your daily drinking will help immensely with keeping your teeth healthy. Plain water is obviously the best option. Getting enough fresh, clean water will help you deal with any caffeine or excess sodium. It also cleans your teeth every time you take a sip. It may seem a little plain at first, but picking up a habit of drinking water on its own only takes a few weeks of effort. You can also add just a splash of lemon juice for flavor without sugars. The tiny amount of acid diluted in a glass of water won’t affect your teeth.

Finally, don’t forget about milk. Both whole and skim milks are good sources of calcium, which is crucial for strong teeth. Drinking milk can neutralize acids. However, adding milk to a cup of coffee doesn’t count. Sip unsweetened milk on its own after an acidic meal or drink to support strong teeth. Soy milk is an equally good choice if it doesn’t contain excess sweeteners.