Why Brushing Before a Dental Appointment is Important

Why Brushing Before a Dental Appointment is Important

We understand that many of our patients interrupt their busy schedules to keep appointments with our office. Fighting to leave work and navigating traffic may not leave you with much time to brush your teeth but we hope that when you get here you will take a minute to get your smile dental-appointment ready.

Clear The Path

Performing a thorough dental examination requires us to feel and see all of your exposed tooth and gum surfaces. Plaque can be sticky in nature and might inhibit us from seeing the texture of your teeth properly. Food debris left over from your last meal tends to visually block interproximal (in between the teeth) area where cavities tend to form frequently.

Saves Time

Even with all of our advance technology, teeth covered in plaque take more time to restore. Fillings cannot be done properly without a dry working field and layers of bacteria must be completely removed before any work is to be done. If your appointment is with the hygienists, they will certainly be more effective at cleaning tartar buildup in places you can’t reach when they don’t have to spend precious time removing food fragments and layers of slime. If you want to spend a little less time in the dental chair, brush up before you sit down!

Learning Opportunity

Brushing and flossing right before your dental appointment means that we can see exactly how effective your cleaning habits have been. Some patients aren’t great at brushing the upper right quadrant of their mouth. Others may have more difficulty flossing under a bridge. Working together as a team in the best way for us to give you accurate assessments and recommendations based on what we see.

Mind Your Manners

Last but not least, we really appreciate our patients taking the time to brush because it’s the polite thing to do. Do you ever clean the house up before friends or family come to visit? Fresh Breath and plaque free teeth are refreshing to everyone! Honestly, when we see patients covered in plaque, it gives us the impression that they haven’t been taking care of your teeth.

You may not carry a toothbrush around with you but don’t worry. If you get to the office and haven’t had a chance, just ask! Call Daxon Dentistry today to make an appointment or if you have any questions!