What is a CBCT Scan?

St Petersburg CBCT Scan

A CBCT scan, or cone beam computed tomography scan, is a type of X-ray that uses a digital computer and a rotating machine that produces a cone-shaped X-ray. This way, the medical professional can see clear, 3-D images of tissues, blood vessels, organs and bones. This is far beyond the abilities of a simple X-ray.

The great accuracy of a CBCT scan allows the dentists to provide better diagnoses and consequently, more effective treatment for their patients. The patient also benefits because he or she is not exposed to as much radiation as they would be with traditional CT scan. The CBCT scan takes mere seconds to perform and is more comfortable than a traditional X-ray. Because the images are digital, they can be stored on a computer and instantly shared with dental specialists.

Dental Implants

CBCT scans can be used for creating more accurate and durable dental implants. The scan can tell the dentist where certain bone structures are in the patient’s mouth and whether they’re sturdy enough to support a dental implant. This can let the dentist know if the patient is eligible for a bone graft. A CBCT scan can also find previous dental implants.

The CBCT scan is also very helpful when the dentist is planning oral surgery for a patient. It can find wisdom teeth and show the dentist just how they’re situated in a patient’s jaw. The scan can also pick up foreign bodies and evaluate fractures. The scan can pick up tumors in the jaw and see how they’ve affected the bone. They can also see how the teeth are situated in relation to the tumor.

The scan can check the condition of the tooth roots, impacted teeth, cleft palates and help the dentist plan treatment for complicated problems. They can also help the dentist find probable causes of TMJ.

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