My Child Lost a Permanent Tooth; What Should I Do?

Active children are prone to bumps, bruises and broken bones.  Accidents are going to happen and sometimes permanent teeth get knocked out too.  But don’t worry, saving that tooth is possible if you follow these steps.

Act Quickly

This is not the time to run around frantically or spend lots of energy in a panic.  Your child may be nervous or upset but as a parent, your job is to react quickly and get them help as soon as possible.  Stay calm and have your child help you locate the tooth.

Handle With Care

Pick the tooth up by the crown only, not the roots.  If it is dirty, rinse it off carefully with water.  Do not use any type of cleaner or brush.  Scrubbing or over handling the tooth could decrease the chances of it being saved.  It won’t help to wrap it up in fabric and you don’t want the tooth to dry out.  Moisture is essential to the tooth staying alive.

Put It Back

After rinsing the tooth to remove debris, gently place the tooth back where it came from.  Using your fingers, carefully put the tooth in it’s socket and have your child slowly bite down to hold the tooth in place.  It’s okay if the site is bleeding as this blood will help the tooth get nourishment.  Gentle pressure is needed so your job is to instruct them not to speak or dislodge the fragile tooth.  Giving them something to focus on will help them stay calm.  If you can’t get the tooth back in it’s proper socket, place it in a container with a milk bath or have your older child just hold the tooth in their cheek to stay moist with saliva.

Call Your Dentist

If you haven’t already asked someone to call, it’s time to pick up the phone.  If you can get to a dentist within a 30 minute time frame, the survival chances of the tooth increase quite a bit.  Usually the tooth will be bonded or wired into place for stability.  Often but not always, a root canal procedure is necessary to remove the damaged nerve but this decision can only be made by a dentist.  Pain medications will be prescribed if necessary and follow up appointments will be recommended by the dentist to make sure the tooth is stable over time.  We at Daxon Dentistry have seen plenty of cases like this so don’t hesitate to call right away!