Are Cosmetic Fillings Right For Me?

Are Cosmetic Fillings Right For Me

Many people have questions about cosmetic fillings and whether or not they should get them. Here are a few situations that can be greatly improved by using cosmetic fillings.

Older Silver Fillings

If you have any metal filings in the back of your mouth, chances are they have been there for quite a while. While this material was once standard because of its strength, the white composite fillings used today are just as durable and look fantastic.

Most fillings do have to be replaced at some point in time, so don’t feel bad if you just want an upgrade. As long as the surrounding tooth is not fractured and the filling isn’t too large, we can replace those old silver fillings with resins that look and feel better.

Gaps and Rough Edges

Most of us aren’t so lucky to have a naturally-perfect smile. A little gap here or uneven surfaces there can really distract the eye and cause us to feel self conscious about our teeth. Improving these situations doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require a hefty investment of time. Of course it’s most important to fix what is broken first, but when everything in your smile is stable and comfortable, you can move on to fun improvements that will simply make you happy.

Stains and Mismatched Teeth

There are dozens of ways to stain your teeth and even more reasons some teeth don’t match their surrounding neighbors. Accidents, damage from food, stains from medications, and old age are all of life’s realities that can leave our teeth looking less than brilliant. Composites come in a range of shades and can be applied using minimally invasive procedures. The fillings we apply to our clients are matched so well that they are invisible to the untrained eye!

Cosmetic dentistry includes any dental procedure performed with the goal of improving the look of your teeth. As you can see, many of the cosmetic filling procedures we have listed also fall into the repair and protect category, so often times we are killing two birds with one stone.

Go ahead and take a look in the mirror. If there’s anything you want to improve, there’s no reason to feel unhappy about your smile. Come and give us a visit today!