Missing Teeth Replacement

Missing Teeth Replacement

As a child, a missing tooth is a natural part of growing up. But, as an adult, a missing tooth can leave you feeling insecure or uncomfortable with your smile. No matter the reason, Daxon Dentistry will fill the gaps in your bite and return your smile to its former glory. From a single tooth to multiple, we’ll create a dental plan that works for your mouth.

Your Treatment Options

Missing teeth replacement involves replacing the missing tooth with a stable replacement such as a bridge, partial denture or an implant. We’ll take a mold of your smile to determine the right size and shape of your missing teeth. Then, we’ll create a replacement that looks and feels natural — so your family and friends will never even know it’s not your real tooth. To determine the best treatment plan for your dental health, we’ll examine and talk through your options at your consultation.

Why Choose Daxon Dentistry for Missing Teeth Replacement

Dr. Daxon and the Daxon Dentistry team understand that replacing one or several missing teeth can be complicated. Nothing is worse than getting a replacement and being able to feel the difference in your mouth. That’s why our experts utilize their years of experience with bridges, partial dentures, and implants to give you a smile that looks and feels natural.

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