Exciting News About Biopatch Bone Regeneration

The American Dental Association recently released information on a new biopatch that can regenerate dental bone.  Here’s what we know so far:

In The Past

Although implants were by far the best way to replace missing teeth, many patients that lacked sufficient bone were not qualified to get them.  The bone in our mouths regenerates faster than any other body part, which is very important.  Unfortunately when bone forming cells don’t get pressure from the roots of existing teeth, they tend to migrate elsewhere, causing a sag in bone level and density. For many patients, implant were just not an option.

In The Present

There have been remarkable advances in dentistry, especially in dental implants.  The bone width required to successfully place implants has decreased so more patients are candidates than ever before.  Dental implants have a success rate of 95%, so they are a cost effective way to fill in spaces while maintaining bone levels for surrounding teeth as well.  Bone grafts taken from another area or from donor cows are commonly part of implant procedures where the existing bone isn’t quite enough. The implants placed in our office are life changing for patients and we are excited to provide this service.

In The Near Future

A team of scientists at the University of Iowa has created a patch that uses a collagen base and synthetic DNA to give existing bone cells instructions for growing more bone.  They are able to make tiny scaffolding in the shape of a bony defect and so far, the results have been outstanding.  Since the biopatch can be produced in mass quantities, the cost will be reasonable and rejections issues are not expected.   This new technique will change the future of dentistry!

There are many disadvantages of having missing teeth and we can help you regain a complete smile.  Contact us today for your implant consultation.