Fabulous Uses For Toothpaste

One of the most multipurpose products in your home is stationed right on the bathroom countertop and believe it or not, toothpaste isn’t even necessary for an effective brushing session.   We found several other uses around the house and on places other than your teeth that you may not be aware of.  So without further adieu, we give you some Toothpaste Life Hacks.

Scrubbing Dirty or Stained Things

You know those ridiculous water spots left behind by your last glass of orange juice? Yeah, no one likes seeing a great wood table ruined by not using a coaster. Toothpaste might be the answer.  Take a dab on your finger and scrub that spot away. Kids get crayon creative on your living room wall? Instead of paying money for that magic scrubber, run into the bathroom and get some Crest. Think of using your toothpaste for anything that needs a good scuffing.  Car headlight fogginess, shoes scuffs and even leftover paste in the sink can be scrubbed clean with ease.  You can even shine up your jewelry without buying special cleaners.  Just scrub it on and wipe with a damp cloth followed by a dry clean one and viola, you’re done!

Blemishes, Burns Bites and Blisters

For those days when your skin is less than perfect, and you haven’t had a doctor prescribed ointment, don’t fret. Toothpaste has a drying effect and also reduces inflammation.  Small blisters and burns from where you forgot to apply sunscreen could also use a light coating.  Bug bites usually fill up with fluid so just like the other skin irritations, you can simply glob some paste on and let it dry. Overnight applications work best.

Stinky Things

Cooking is great but things can get ugly afterwards.  There are lots of pungent delectables that leave your hands and fingernails full of fumes.  Onions, tuna fish, smoked oysters and garlic are common culprits. For a fresh start, squeeze a blob of toothpaste onto your hands and rub the odor away. While your hands are getting a nice exfoliation, they are also becoming minty fresh.

Filling Holes

Next time you decide to rearrange your photo collection or find that your last construction project left some divots in the drywall, don’t panic when the jar of Spackle is all dried up.  Toothpaste just might do the trick.  Since it tends to shrink up like spackle, you may need a second coat for deeper cracks and holes.

Although all toothpastes are not created equal, most over-the-counter white kind will work for any of these situations.  Next time you pick up that 8-ounce tube of magic, take a moment to recognize just how versatile it can be.


Have you used toothpaste for any of these or can you add more to this list?  Comment below to tell us your ideas!