What is Gingivitis?

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a gum infection resulting from an inflammation and it is often brought upon by poor habits of oral hygiene. It is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults according to the American Dental Association.

Gingivitis Basics

Gingivitis begins with the buildup of plaque. Plaque is a soft, thin white biofilm that grows on the surface of teeth organically. Any plaque that grows should be brushed off each time your brush your teeth. Plaque left in place makes your teeth more susceptible to tartar. Tartar, or calculus, is a thicker yellow biofilm that grows at the base of your teeth. At the tartar stage, your teeth can only be cleaned professionally. Plaque and tartar lead to gum irritation and it’s at that stage when gingivitis symptoms start to surface.

If you practice good oral hygiene, you could still be susceptible to gingivitis due to these risk factors:

– Smoking
– Pregnancy
– Use of medications (oral contraceptives, steroids, chemotherapy)


The sooner it’s diagnosed, the easier gingivitis is to get rid of. Someone with gingivitis may not show all of these symptoms, but having any of them is reason enough to consult with your dentist.

– Swollen, red and tender gums
– Bleeding gums when your brush or floss
– Teeth separating from the gums
– Loose Teeth
– Pus in between teeth and gums
– Sensitive teeth
– Bad breath remaining after you brush your teeth


Depending on the severity, gingivitis can be treated with either medication, deep cleaning or surgery. Different antibiotic or antiseptic oral health medicines can be used to disinfect the mouth or be given to patients following deep cleaning or surgery.

There are three forms of deep cleaning: Scaling, root planning and laser cleanings. Surgery is reserved for the most severe cases. Regardless of your situation, the experienced team at Daxon Dentistry will be able to help. Let us help you and your smile!

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