Habits That Will Dull Your Smile

Habits That Will Dull Your Smile

Can’t seem to keep your teeth as bright as you’d like? Here are a few things to stay away from if you are trying to prevent a dull smile.


We all know that smoking is bad for your lungs and overall health but this hard-to-kick habit can really cause staining of your teeth. Dry mouth caused by the chemicals and heat will allow the tar and other burning ingredients to attach to your enamel and make your teeth look really dark. And we aren’t just talking about cigarette smoke either. Cigar and marijuana smoke is no different.

Dark Liquids

A little red wine is said to be good for your circulation and heart health but most folks are going to notice that it stains their teeth very quickly. Most varieties of tea also have a dulling effect because the acidic properties tend to demineralize enamel. When you have a choice of beverage, you will want to go for something as close to white or clear as possible. Drinking through a straw and swallowing liquids right away might also help slightly.

Acidic Food and Drinks

The stability of your enamel depends greatly on your saliva’s ability to replace minerals on your teeth after brief periods of weakness. Food and drinks high in sugar and acid make this process more difficult. Fruit juices, candies, sugary snacks, sodas and energy drinks are examples of drinks you should avoid as much as possible. Not only do they put your teeth at risk for cavities, but they also leave your teeth etched and more susceptible to staining.

Quick Tips

1 – Rinse with water after every meal or dark drinks.

2 – Less plaque = less staining. Brush twice a day and floss once a day.

3 – Regular dental cleanings will keep your teeth bright and healthy.

4 – Custom whitening trays can bring back a glowing smile.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a bright set of glowing white teeth but very few of us are born with the shade we would like. Cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening options can get you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! Contact us today to learn your options.