How can I Fix the Gap in my Teeth?

When teeth are misaligned, or a gap is obvious between the two front teeth, this detracts from a pretty smile and could lower your self-esteem. Fortunately, there always is a solution to any dental problem.

With the increase in medical technology for dentistry and the health field, a dentist who excels in cosmetic dentistry may proudly tell his patient, “Yes, I can close the gap in your teeth and make it look natural too.”

The process, by which a gap is closed between the front teeth, is with the inclusion of porcelain veneers. These veneers are constructed of a very thin shell that completely encases the tooth to be shaped into the desired size.

For gaps, the porcelain veneers may be a little larger in size in order to close up the gap in the middle. Additionally, if there are chips, cracks, crooked or stained teeth, veneers remedy the problem completely with a result so natural, even a keen observer would not be able to tell the teeth are not actual enamel.

The process of closing the gap starts with making an appointment for an evaluation, which will include imaging tests of what needs to be done to correct the misalignment or gap. The patient may be given temporary plastic veneers in order to experience the feel of wearing them, and to see if the appearance is just right. If so, then an impression of the teeth will be made and the veneers ordered.

Once they are finished and sent back to the dentist office, it is necessary that they be bonded to the actual teeth. The fit, size and color should all match perfectly and because they are made of porcelain, those previous stains will now be a thing of the past. That new, bright, glowing smile will last for many years to come.