How Should I Clean My Baby’s Teeth?

Most babies start out with gummy smiles, but over time their little mouths fill up with teeth. Even though baby teeth are only temporary, they can affect the health of a child’s permanent teeth so it is very important to care for them properly.

Newborn Dental Care

You may be wondering why you need to worry about your child’s oral health if they don’t have any teeth. The answer is that bacteria can still collect on your child’s gums. This can set them up for cavities when their teeth do come in. Start your baby out right by rubbing a warm washcloth over their gums after feedings and before you lay them down at night.

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

As soon as your baby gets their first tooth, you will want to trade the washcloth in for a toothbrush. You will need to brush the front and back of all of their teeth. Be sure to choose a brush with soft bristles, a small head, and a large handle. The large handle will make it easier for them to learn how to brush their own teeth as they get older.

Adding Toothpaste

Your baby’s mouth is quite a bit smaller than yours so you won’t need much toothpaste. Be sure to use toothpaste that is designed for babies and be sure to use it sparingly. When your child turns three years old, you can start using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Visiting Daxon Dentistry

Even if your baby’s teeth seem perfectly healthy, be sure to schedule your child’s first dental checkup by the time they turn one. If you’d like more resources, Dr. Kimberley Daxon of Daxon Dentistry can give you more information about teething, properly caring for your baby’s teeth, fluoride, and other topics related to your infant’s oral health. Contact us today to learn more or request an appointment online.