How to Care for Sensitive Teeth

How to Care for Sensitive Teeth

We’ve all had our share of experiences with tooth sensitivity, which often comes when we least expect it. But did you know that there is a science behind the aches and pains coming from those pearly whites?

Tooth sensitivity is often experienced when drinking hot or cold beverages, although certain foods can trigger tooth sensitivity too. However, sensitivity doesn’t just come out of the blue: there are factors that cause it, and therefore, ways to prevent it. The first thing to do is to understand which factors could contribute to your tooth sensitivity.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Brushing too hard – If you’re using a toothbrush with hard bristles or if you’re simply brushing too hard, you could be creating gum loss that is leaving your teeth vulnerable.

Sugary and acidic drinks – Fruit juices are a summer favorite and sweet, hot drinks are a must during the winter, but did you know that these drinks could be damaging your smile? Your mother wasn’t lying when she said that eating all that candy would give you cavities, and this goes for overly sweet foods and drinks as well. Cavities will cause debilitating sensitivity, so be mindful of your sweets no matter your age!

Teeth grinding – Stress and daily pressures from work, family or other factors could be making you grind your teeth in your sleep. Teeth grinding can lead to serious teeth pains, not to mention headaches and facial aches, but it can also wear down the surfaces of your teeth, causing sensitivity.

How To Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to reduce tooth sensitivity. For starters, always brush your teeth gently and for at least two minutes, twice a day. When consuming sugary foods and drinks, rinse your mouth with water shortly after and don’t skip your brushing time before going to bed. Tooth grinding is an issue that is harder to control since it occurs during your sleep, but a mouth guard may be a good solution for you.

Let Daxon Dentistry Help

Experiencing tooth sensitivity can be a frustrating and painful. You shouldn’t have to avoid your favorite cold and hot drinks in fear of feeling pain in your teeth and gums.

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