How to Clean Your Night Guard

How to Clean Your Night Guard

Why Do People Use Night Guards?

Many people find themselves waking up with sore jaws and mouths due to teeth grinding, this is called bruxism and many people suffer from it. One of the most common ways to treat bruxism and restore your sleep is by using a night guard. There are other ways to treat bruxism as well, such as TMJ bite analysis and lifestyle changes.

How To Clean Your Night Guard

There are several types of custom night guards that serve a variety of dental problems and night time dilemmas like snoring and teeth grinding. No matter the issue, we want your new night guard to last you as long as possible. Here are some detailed instructions for keeping your device clean and strong.
Pro Tip: Before you put your night guard in at night, you will find it more comfortable if you rinse it gently with cool water.

Step 1: Fill Your Sink With Water

In the morning, fill your sink with a few inches of cool water. In the unfortunate event that you drop your night guard, it will be cushioned by the water instead of landing on a hard surface, which can potentially cause it to shatter.

Step 2: Brush Your Night Guard

Brush with a small toothbrush just like you would your teeth. Your saliva is full of bacteria and those germs can form a slime layer that will turn into hard tartar if left alone. Try to avoid using a toothpaste with grit, as the paste can actually create tiny scratches in the guard. Those imperfections attract plaque and can cause odors to get trapped. Choose a gel or simply brush with water alone to clean your night guard.

Step 3: Soak Your Night Guard In A Solution

After you brush thoroughly, you may want to soak it in a solution for 10 minutes. Use a small plastic container for this soaking. Over the counter tablets like Efferdent® or Polident® are inexpensive and get the job done. Mild dish detergents like Dawn® or Palmolive® can also be used by adding a few drops to the water.

Step 4: Rinse & Dry

Make sure to give it a final rinse and store the guard in a cool, dry place. It is very important that you let the device dry completely before storing because you don’t want mold to form in the container.

Pro Tip: Do not use hot water when cleaning your night guard as some materials used to make it may warp under warm temperatures.

You now have an easy routine for keeping your night guard clean and odor free. As long as you don’t have any major dental work, your night guard should fit comfortably for a very long time!

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