Iron, Copper and Bamboo: A History of Dental Implants

Iron, Copper and Bamboo: A History of Dental Implants

The history of dental implants is a long one. This is because ever since the first primitive teeth extraction was performed, humans have sought ways to replace lost teeth.

For those who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or another reason, a dental implant can restore their smile. An artificial tooth root, a dental implant is surgically placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

In modern dentistry, endosteal and subperiosteal are the two types of dental implants used in the procedure, but in earlier times, dental implants were much different. Although there have been various dental implant methods used throughout history, we’ll discuss a brief history of iron, copper, and bamboo dental implants, here:

Ancient Dental Implants

Bamboo: One of the earliest recorded dental implants dates back 4,000 years ago to ancient China. During this time, individuals would carved bamboo into pegs and tap them into the jawbone to replace missing teeth.

Copper: Some of the earliest dental implants are estimated to be 3,000 years old and were made of copper. The first person to use these implants was an Egyptian king who has a copper peg hammered into his upper jawbone. Although scientists aren’t sure whether or not the copper peg was implanted before or after his death, it remains as one of the first ever recorded dental implants.

Iron: In early 2014, an iron tooth implant was found in Western Europe. The tooth implant, which is thought to have been fitted 2,300 years ago, is the earliest false tooth ever to be found. The tooth implant was found in the skeleton an excavated woman whose body was uncovered in 2009. Although the body was poorly preserved, the tooth implant was still noticeably formed as an iron pin and found in place of an upper incisor tooth.

Long gone are the days of dental implants made of iron, copper and bamboo. At Daxon Dentistry, we use only the most modern and cutting-edge methods of dental implants. In addition to dental implants, we also offer a variety of other dental services to keep your smile healthy and bright! Learn more about all of the great services we offer, or contact us today to schedule your appointment.