How to Keep Your Breath Fresh for Your New Year’s Eve Party

How to Keep Your Breath Fresh for Your New Year’s Eve Party

2015 is just around the corner and no one wants to worry about halitosis… especially while engaging with family and friends. We will keep this simple with a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep your breath fresh this holiday season.

Do This

Great home care is essential to having a healthy and happy oral environment. Brushing for the recommended two minutes twice per day is the first step. Flossing in between your teeth where foul bacteria live is very important as well because food and germs left undisturbed can lead to infection. Germs also give off volatile sulphur compounds that smell just like the name implies.

One area of your mouth that should never be ignored is the tongue. As you can imagine, all of the textured dimples on the surface of your tongue can give bacteria a fairly nice living arrangement, and as they die off, they remain stuck for a very long time. Although brushing your tongue works well, go the extra mile and get yourself a nice tongue scraper.

The right diet can also influence your breath. We understand that many holiday events revolve around food, so your challenge is to pick the ones that won’t cause bad breath. Think about staying hydrated, eating things that are low in sugar and full of nutrients. Raw vegetables found in salads are usually a great choice, especially when you stick to a very light dressing like oil and vinegar. Chewing sugar free gum after meals and sipping on water throughout the evening will also keep your breath smelling fresh as you interact with family and friends throughout the night!

Don’t Do That

Poor home care, on the other hand, is going to cause you some unfavorable results. Germs left on the surface of your teeth and tongue may get sticky and stain easily. The thick coating of bacteria can also develop into a pretty odoriferous situation. Even when you think you are an amazing brusher with great technique, skipping the floss means leaving almost half of the germs in your mouth untouched.

The wrong food selection can include items you may not think cause bad breath. Most people realize that garlic and onions should be avoided but did you know that sugary treats could lead to halitosis? The reason all comes down to those germs again. Bacteria need sugar to live. As they feed off of the sugars you introduce, they reproduce and give off acids. Remember that this New Year’s party is for you, not those pesky germs! So, if you want to have fresh breath this holiday season, skip the sugary treats and go for something better.

Now that you know how to keep your breath fresh for the start of the New Year, why not make that resolution to keep it going all year long? Happy Holidays from Daxon Dentistry!