Make a New Year’s Resolution to Floss!

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Floss!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when millions of people make themselves promises for an improved future by making a list of New Year’s resolutions. Daily flossing can improve your health in more ways than one, so it could be added to your list of resolutions! Here’s the summary of why and how to floss every day.

It Increases Your Lifespan

Our mouths are riddled with disease causing bacteria. The most harmful types of germs live down below the gumline where you cannot reach with your toothbrush. If not kept in check, these bacteria will travel through the bloodstream and have negative side effects throughout the body. Inflammation in the joints, heart disease, diabetes and memory problems have all been associated with uncontrolled periodontal disease. In short, the better you take care of your mouth, the healthier you can be.

It Saves You Time and Money

Imagine how much money you would save over a lifetime if you never got any cavities or had to treat pockets and infection throughout your mouth. While our dental team is helpful in keeping your mouth healthy and beautiful, all of our best efforts are limited when you don’t do the necessary homework.  Although we will always be here to give you the best treatment possible, it’s a sure bet that all of you would rather spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on other areas of your life.

It Freshens Breath and Whitens Teeth

Have you ever noticed that terrible smell and taste when you floss after forgetting to do it for a few days? Food debris gets pretty offensive to the nose after a while and bacteria is known to release a substance called volatile sulfur compound. The best way to keep this socially disturbing problem controlled is to floss in between the teeth bacteria on a daily basis. Trust us when we say that your friends and family will thank you for your hard work and fresher breath!

Start with Short Term Goals

As with any new habit, flossing daily could be a struggle at first. Make it seem less daunting and more realistic by setting short-term goals. Even fortune 500 companies set up realistic goals as they work toward an overall annual goal. How about promising yourself that you will floss every night this week? After feeling how much better your gums look and feel after those seven days, this new habit will be much easier to maintain.

Go The Easy Route

Take a trip down any toothpaste aisle and you will see tons of options for cleaning in between your teeth. You aren’t limited to spools of stringy floss that can be difficult to wrestle in between your back teeth. If you don’t feel like a pro “flosser,” try a few different floss holders. When you find one that makes your new habit easier, stick with that exact brand or type.

Most of our patients tend to put all of their best efforts into brushing really well and leave flossing as a secondary focus. We suggest you treat interdental cleaning as the first priority since it’s positive effects are so far reaching. If you need a pep talk anytime during the year, we are here to help!