Do I Need A Prosthodontist?

Do I Need A Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist that specializes in teeth replacement and restoration. If you’ve lost a tooth or have one that is damaged, a prosthodontist can give you a smile you will always want to show off. While some people may not mind a missing tooth and see no point in getting it replaced, but a prosthodontist does more than cosmetic treatment. Here are some reasons why a prosthodontist could improve the function of your teeth and prevent further damage.

Reasons for Teeth Replacement

No one plans on losing his or her permanent teeth, but we all know life tends to just “happen.” You could lose your teeth in an accident, as a result of poor oral care, or you could lose them naturally as a part of aging. You can continue living your life the way you did before losing teeth, but depending on how the tooth was lost, there could be lasting effects you’re unaware of. For example, you can eat with missing teeth, but in doing so continually, you run the risk of shifting your teeth between the gaps. A prosthodontist can give you a new smile and help prevent negative effects that living with missing teeth may cause.

Reasons for Tooth Restoration

In some situations, someone may lose part of his or her tooth rather than the whole tooth. In this case, seeing the dentist as soon as possible is important, as you run the risk of infection. The sooner it is treated, the better, as the infection could spread. With a newly chipped tooth you also run the risk of cutting your tongue or sustaining another injury. In this case, a prosthodontist can help by capping the tooth and restoring it to a more natural state.

The Procedure

Receiving implants is a highly beneficial procedure for replacing teeth because implants are strong, stable and long lasting. A partially chipped front tooth can be taken care of in one dentist visit. During this procedure, the tooth is bonded to a material that will replace the missing section. A damaged tooth further back is at greater risk of decaying. A dental cap is placed on top of that damaged tooth, covering it and preventing further decay if proper oral care is practiced. Here other options for the treatment of lost or damaged teeth:

– Root Canal
– Dental Crown
– Dental Veneers

When to Call a Prosthodontist?

At Daxon Dentistry, we want to see our patients be confident with their smile. These procedures can make it happen. If you have missing or damaged teeth, contact us and we’ll discuss methods of treatment. We’ll work with you from consultation to the procedure to any additional treatment needed afterwards. For other questions and concerns about your oral health contact us today.