How Often Should I Floss?

Now, most people take care of their teeth by brushing them twice a day. Sadly, some neglect their mouth when they forget to floss. While there is no hard rule to live by, it is wise to floss at least once a day. Here are three different times of the day where flossing is useful and why.

Before Bed

Before going to bed, you should have a clean mouth free of any food particles. Otherwise, you will be doing a huge disservice to your teeth. Bacteria lives between your teeth, when food particles are left behind, it harbors bad bacteria. So remember, before going to bed, it is wise to pull out the floss and start flossing.

In the Morning

After breakfast, a person should floss and brush his or her teeth. Again, this will remove any food particles in between the teeth. Otherwise, when walking around all day with food in the teeth, one will have an increased chance at landing at the dentist’s office with cavities. Luckily, it takes a few minutes flossing in the morning to remove food particles and walk around with a nice smile the rest of the day.

Not Too Often

As mentioned, it is wise to floss at least once a day. Now, some people, in a bid to keep their teeth looking perfect, do it more than is necessary. While this won’t necessarily lead to problems, it is overkill. The gums and teeth are sensitive, and it is easy to overuse them and hurt them while flossing too much.

For this reason, you should avoid flossing in the middle of the day and instead, floss once in the evening before bed and maybe in the morning after breakfast if you are an overachiever. With this, you will have a clean mouth and happy gums and teeth.

Flossing at least once a day is a good way to ward off teeth and gum problems. When taking this approach and remaining smart about it, you can save money in the short and long-term. In fact, when visiting the dentist, a person who flosses often will have a pain-free visit and will not have to worry about expensive bills.