Prosthodontistry: Here’s What You Should Know

Prosthodontistry: Here's What You Should Know

What Is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are more than dentists. If you are someone who often hides your smile because of missing or discolored teeth, or if you have sustained an injury to your mouth and teeth, you might want to see a prosthodontist. After four years of dentistry school, these doctors go on to complete three more years of specialized education so they can handle even the most complex dental issues and give you a beautiful smile. A prosthodontist specializes in aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth to restore functionality to your smile.

While dentists might take short courses in reconstructive dental work, the prosthodontist has years of training. They are prepared for issues that could arise and are able to bring the newest technologies to your treatment.

What Can a Prosthodontist Do for Me?

Replace Teeth

Whether you have lost teeth due to an accident, to aging or even to poor gum care, your beautiful smile can be restored. Prosthodontists are experts in creating bridges and attaching crowns. They can build dentures or partial dentures to replace a few teeth or a complete set. They also are trained in the growing field of dental implants, for a more permanent solution.

Complete Cosmetic Care

You may not have problems that affect your health or your comfort, but you might not feel as confident about your smile as you would like. Things like discolored or misshapen teeth can leave you uncomfortable in social occasions. Daxon Dentistry has a number of options to help brighten your smile, such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and cosmetic fillings and inlays. If you have any questions about the benefits and processes of cosmetic dentistry, the highly trained staff at Daxon Dentistry is ready and able to help.

Address Health Issues

If you have sustained an injury that requires rehabilitation, or replacement of tissue and other structures, a prosthodontist can help. Your teeth and jaws form the framework for the lower part of your face. Prosthodontists have the skills and knowledge to help rebuild and restore them. The doctors can also help with the care and diagnosis of migraines and temporomandibular joint disorders. Reconstruction can also help with some sleep disorders, such as biting or clenching your jaw, which can cause great stress and pain to the body.

Contact Daxon Dentistry

The doctors at Daxon Dentistry are concerned with your overall wellness and your healthy smile. They work with you to explore all of your options for treatment and to select the best one for you. At their office in downtown St. Petersburg, Fla., the doctors don’t just treat you; they educate you and work with you to address all of your issues, whether they are fears or finances. Dr. Daxon is experienced in tooth restorations and in the use of bridges and dentures. If you need the services of a prosthodontist, visit the offices of Daxon Dentistry.