Rehabilitating The Completely Edentulous Patient

For patients, having to deal with dentures can be a hard time, especially if they feel discomfort with denture bases, have poor retention or difficulty chewing and when using unnatural-fitting dentures.

Rehabilitating these completely edentulous patients can be very challenging for any person in the restorative dentistry, but it can also be the most rewarding for some, especially after witnessing the patient’s satisfaction.

What Does Edentulous Mean?

The word edentulous simply means, “lacking teeth.” This could be a person who is missing all of their teeth, or just a few of them.

Knowing The Natural Alignment of Teeth

The key to having a happy customer with a bright smile, is to have a successful denture implant. In order to have this, the key is to know where the teeth need to be esthetically, phonetically and functionally.

Centric relation bite registration is critical to making sure there is no interference, which may move the denture basis out of alignment. Bite registrations are used for study models, provisional restorations, splint construction, and restorative dentistry.

Making A Comfortable Fit

Patients everyday complain about having dentures that don’t fit well with the shape of their mouths, even after taking several impressions. We think Hydrocast material used for proper extension of the denture bases can make the best fit for the patient, and the most comfortable.

Often times, patients will find that they may be interested in implant therapy. Some patients need implant therapy because they require additional stabilization of the dentures, or they’re interested in fixed treatment options.

Working With Patients

Working one-on-one with patients is our commitment to satisfaction. We know that every patient is different, and what works for some, may not work for others.  Listening to the patient’s concerns and working with them to improve their dentures and their experience is an on-going process. We want nothing more than for our patients to be completely satisfied with their products, and we know that time, effort and dedication are the best ways to get them there.