When is the Right Time for Dentures?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I’ll just take them all out and get a set of dentures”?  Unfortunately this oversimplified strategy to dealing with tooth problems is anything but easy or effective in the long run.  Every time a natural tooth is removed, there will be potential consequences but there are times when dentures are the smart choice.

All Dentures Are Not Created Equal

The first thing to recognize about dentures is the variety of options available.  Even when you think all hope is lost, we are usually able to incorporate the strongest teeth in your mouth as anchors and prevent going into a full set of dentures.  Partial dentures can attach to natural teeth, crowned teeth and implants to create a much more comfortable and stable bite.  So, it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” as we discuss denture planning with you.

No Bones About It

Periodontal disease is a chronic and progressive disease of the mouth.  It is a leading cause of tooth loss and the reason many of our patients need partials and dentures.  When the bone holding teeth in place deteriorates past the point of treatment, tooth extractions may be our only option.  No need to worry though, Dr. Kim Daxon is an expert in re-creating beautiful and functional smiles. You will be in good hands.  Your replacement teeth will not only stabilize your bite and improve your appearance, but the removal of infected teeth can also positively affect your overall health.

Extensive Decay

Even though we want all of our patients to have natural teeth, we understand that sometimes rampant decay won’t allow repairs.  In cases where extensive decay is present and the cost of repairs is far beyond the cost of natural tooth replacement, you do have options.  If many teeth in an arch have been damaged due to decay, the most important thing is to have a solid biting surface.  Your jaw and facial features will be negatively affected if you don’t replace missing teeth.  Bridges and implants aren’t always possible so in these situations, open spaces can be treated with dentures.

Every single patient that we encounter has their own personal story and unique set of circumstances, goals, limitations, and fears.  Keeping this in mind, our team is dedicated to helping every one of you navigate the path to a beautiful and functional smile.  The right time to get dentures will vary from person to person.  Our promise is to guide you from the very beginning with an initial consultation, through the treatments step by step, and for years to come.