Scary Facts About Gum Disease

Scary Facts About Gum Disease

Gum disease may cause more problems than tooth issues. It can also lead to some very scary conditions that can spread to the rest of your body, and even affect your mental health. Read below to find out just how important taking care of your gums and teeth can be.


A study of residents at a retirement community found that seniors who did not brush their teeth daily had a greater risk of dementia than those who did. Another study found that individuals with Alzheimer’s had more bacteria-related gum disease than individuals without the condition.


Poor dental health may be associated with diabetes because of increased inflammation in the body. The American Dental Health Association urges people with diabetes to get periodic dental examinations as well be aware of their oral health.

Erectile Dysfunction

Severe gum disease was found to be in 53 percent of individuals with erectile dysfunctions, and 23 percent of men ages 30 to 40 who did not have erectile dysfunction had periodontal disease. The authors of the study thought the information would be beneficial to associate overall oral health with erectile dysfunction.


Inhaling infection from the gums can lead to lung conditions such as pneumonia. One study found that patients with respiratory problems had worse oral health. By working with a dentist to keep your teeth healthy and working, you may be able diminish the growth of harmful diseases.

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While these complications related to gum disease are very disconcerting, the most troublesome thing about gum disease is that this issue can cause severe problems if not treated. For more information about resolving any of these problems contact Daxon Dentistry