Sedation Anxiety and Why You Shouldn’t Worry

The fear of dental work prevents millions of Americans from getting the care they need and although sedation dentistry has been available, many are also nervous about taking advantage of this option. Here are a few reasons you don’t need to worry about sedation dentistry.

You have choices when it comes to reducing your dental anxiety.  Medications taken by mouth are a very common and convenient way we can mildly sedate our patients before necessary dental work. The type of sedation will be carefully chosen to match your specific needs, medical history and anxiety level. We will give you the least amount needed to work effectively.  Because you will have a friend or relative drive you to the office, you can also rest easy knowing you aren’t alone.

Sedation dentistry could mean fewer appointments to complete your treatment plan. Because you are awake but completely relaxed, we are usually able to provide more services per visit. The other advantage of getting regular dental care is that your future mouth will be much healthier which means less emergency visits down the road. This saves you time and money!

A relaxed patient also means that the staff working with them can also provide treatment in a calm manner, free from nervousness and the fear of causing more emotional or physical discomfort. Nervous patients sometimes don’t get numb as easy because fear itself can cause sensitivity and hesitation. Many of our patients report that they don’t recall anything during their visit while sedated, so their appointment seemed more like a good nap!

Over time, you may actually be able to visit us without needing sedation. The more visits you experience without anxiety, the more your mind starts to understand that the dental office is a safe environment. Sometimes it’s the sounds and sensations like cold water and bright lights that trigger anxiety for patients based on past experiences.  Believe it or not, some of us have developed dental anxiety based solely on our parents and friends’ experiences. This type of learned fear can be overcome. Our hope is that those psychosomatic reactions fade away as we help you establish a new outlook on the great dental options that we provide.

The ultimate goals of sedation dentistry are to safely and effectively treat our patients in a manner that keeps them comfortable and relaxed. Have you ever delayed or cancelled treatment because you were afraid? Maybe it’s time to consider sedation dentistry.