Why Have I Started Snoring?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a very serious and complicated condition. This conditions is also closely tied to snoring – that more-than-annoying night time habit. If you are like many, snoring wasn’t a problem in your past. Let’s look at the common reasons we start to snore.


No matter what we try to do to avoid weight gain, getting older usually means that we pack on some extra pounds, and have a harder time at getting rid of it. The additional tissue and fatty cells, especially around the neck region, put pressure on your throat and airways. Thin airways means that you have to struggle to get enough oxygen throughout the night.

Allergies and Sinus Problems

Inflammation around the sinuses can also cause your airway to narrow a bit.  Deviated septums and large anatomy are something that your ENT can diagnose. If you only snore a little from seasonal allergies, we would not be overly concerned. Chronic allergies that lead to sleep apnea need to be treated.

Alcohol and Medications

That tasty alcoholic beverage before bed might not be a good idea. Alcohol can relax the throat muscles too much and decreases your natural defenses against closing airways. Several medications, especially muscle relaxers and pain medications also have the same effect. So if you snore, a break from drugs, with your doctor’s okay, might be warranted.

There is evidence supporting a relationship between sleep apnea, hypertension and cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea has also been linked to an increased risk for stroke. One of the most life changing and possibly life saving services we offer at Daxon Dentistry is mouthguards. These are customized for our patients with sleep apnea and snoring problems. They are a very smart and affordable way to get a great night’s sleep.