A Summary About Our Smile Design Approach

There are so many exciting new ways to create a beautiful and balanced smile that it would be easy to get confused or cautious.  That’s why we use a systematic approach to help our patients find the perfect plan for their smile.  The Smile Design protocol we use pinpoints every facial feature of each individual to come up with a custom step by step master plan.


Although bringing in photos of yourself when you were younger might be helpful, we cannot recreate Angelina Jolie’s teeth if you don’t have her facial features, so you might want to leave the magazine pictures at home.  Our initial consultation focuses on what your short and long-term goals are.  One of the ways we best treat our patients is to put ourselves in their shoes by always asking, “Would I do this to myself?”  This is a team approach and will work in any case.


This is where you become the star.  We take a series of very specific photographs of various magnifications and angles.  Our dentists study these photos and begin to design the changes that can occur to get you to your desired look and feel.


We always have at least two sets of models.  These are exact duplicates of your mouth.  The first is a starting point and we use this as a control of sorts so no changes will be made to this one.  The second will be shaped and contoured to mimic the final outcome.  This study model shows up exactly how your teeth will fit together when the changes are made.

Treatment Planning

Although we want you to have an esthetically appealing smile, we also realize that we have to be realistic with our planning.  There are certain elements that come into play whenever you change the shape and size of your teeth.  Functionality is of utmost importance. When we plan out your appointments, everyone stays on the same page and our system is transparent and organized.

The major benefit to all of these steps is predictability.  When you can be an active participant in your smile design and can visualize the end goal with us, the whole process becomes enjoyable and exciting.