Three Benefits of Digital X-Rays in Dental Care

3 Benefits of Digital X-Rays in Dental Care

Digital X-rays are an important part of your oral care routine, and your dentist should X-ray your mouth about once each year. Combined with an oral exam, X-rays give your dentist a deeper picture of what is going on with your teeth and gums. Here are three reasons why oral X-rays are an essential part of dental care.

1. Early Detection of Tooth Decay

A dentist can often detect noticeable tooth decay after performing an oral examination, but X-rays allow them to catch tooth decay even sooner. An X-ray helps dentists see tooth decay that is developing between your teeth or below fillings. This type of decay would not be seen during a regular oral examination alone.

2. Monitor Tooth Development

Dental X-rays can also alert your dentist to any noticeable changes in your mouth’s hard and soft tissues. This is especially helpful when monitoring children’s oral health because it allows the dentist to see if a child’s teeth and jaws are developing properly. Digital X-rays also allow dentists to examine any injuries that occurred near your mouth and monitor the effects of those injuries.

3. Early Detection of Oral Diseases and Infections

Just as is the case with tooth decay, an oral X-ray can help your dentist to detect many oral diseases or infections earlier than they would by performing a routine oral examination. By analyzing your X-ray, your dentist can detect issues like gum disease, infections that develop under your gums and even certain types of tumors. Early detection of these kinds of diseases is crucial as it can prevent the spread of infection and limit the damage they cause your teeth and overall health.

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