Tips for Showing off Your Smile with a DIY Holiday Party Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fun addition to a holiday party and a way to enlist your guests in helping to capture the celebration. Here are five tips for setting up your own photo booth.


You will need electrical outlets, space for a tripod and either a wall to hang your backdrop or enough room to set up a backdrop on a frame. If you chose to have your photo booth in the same room as your party, strategically place furniture so it creates a perimeter around the booth to avoid anyone accidentally knocking over the camera or lights.


A backdrop that is six feet by four feet will match the dimensions of most cell phone camera photo frames – which are typically three inches long and two inches wide. For a simple backdrop, you can hang holiday gift wrap on the wall using painter’s tape.


Gather up a few floor lamps and adjustable reading lamps and make sure they have bright bulbs. Take a few test photos to look for any unwanted shadows, then adjust the lighting until you have perfected the shot.


Here are some simple props for a holiday party photo booth: empty boxes wrapped like gifts, Santa hats, a brown paper bag with the word ‘coal’ written on it, a mistletoe hanging from a stick and signs for guests to hold with the words ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ printed on them. For any props with writing, make sure the words are printed large enough to come through in a picture.

Message Boards

Provide an erasable message board your guests can personalize and hold in their pictures. Use a small chalkboard or whiteboard and attach a larger piece of foam board to the back. Try writing the start of a sentence on the foam board above the chalkboard or whiteboard such as, ‘For the New Year I will…’ or ‘The best gift would be…’ Then your guests can fill in the blank and pose with their unique message.

The most important part of setting up a photo booth is to make sure the space allows for fun. With the right props and cherished company, you will have plenty of pictures and lots of great memories with friends. Make an appointment with us to make sure your smile is holiday ready.