What is a Tooth Extraction Procedure Like?

Tooth Extraction St. Petersburg

A tooth extraction is a procedure that involves removing one or more teeth. If you have a tooth that is severely damaged, then a tooth extraction may be the best option. Infections and a crowded mouth are two other reasons that a dentist may choose to perform an extraction. A dentist or oral surgeon can perform tooth extractions.

How do you Prepare for a Tooth Extraction?

If you are only getting one tooth extracted, then you do not have to do anything special to prepare for this procedure. You will need to let your dentist know if you are not feeling well on the day of your procedure because he or she may choose to postpone the extraction. Make sure that you clean your mouth before you come to the office. You should also avoid eating a heavy meal before you come to the dental office.

What you Will Feel Like After Your Procedure

You will be numb after your procedure because of the anesthesia. The dentist will apply gauze pads after the extraction has been completed because that will help control the bleeding. You will need to leave the gauze pads on for at least one hour after your procedure. You probably will not feel like driving after your extraction, so it is a good idea for you to arrange for someone to pick you up after the procedure has been completed.

After-Care Instructions

Physical activity will need to be avoided for 6-to-12 hours after your extraction. Physical activity can increase the risk of bleeding. You will also need to apply some ice packs to the side of your face where the extraction was performed. This will help reduce swelling.

You should eat soft foods for a few days after get your tooth extracted. Avoid drinking through a straw. You will also need to avoid hot foods and liquids.

Keep in mind that is normal to run a low-grade fever after you get a tooth extracted. Your temperature may be above 101 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours after your surgery. However, if your fever does not go away within a few days then you need to seek medical help.

Furthermore, it is normal to experience pain. Pain can be managed with medication and this procedure can prove to be a great satisfaction to your ailment.