Which Toothpaste Is Best For Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive Teeth

Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth in 2016

For anyone with sensitive teeth, drinking or eating can be agony. Eating an ice cream cone can send intense, shooting pain through your mouth. Even enjoying a cup of coffee can be impossible. Tooth sensitivity is caused by the underlying layer of your teeth becoming exposed. This also exposes the tooth’s root, which connects to the nerve center. To help counteract this sensitivity, brushing with toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth has been proven effective.

With all the different brands of desensitizing toothpastes available, it is difficult to choose the best one for your oral needs. General advice includes trying several different brands until you find the brand that works best for you. However, research has shown that one of the best toothpastes for sensitive teeth is Colgate Pro-Argin Sensitive Pro-Relief

Colgate for Sensitive Teeth

Colgate Pro-Argin Sensitive Pro-Relief uses arginine and calcium in the toothpaste to mimic natural properties in saliva that protect the nerve endings by plugging the tooth’s pores with calcium phosphate.

Other bonuses of this toothpaste include:

  • Relief is instant
  • Can be applied to a single painful tooth with a finger.
  • Mimics the natural process

Without any major health drawbacks associated with its use, pro argin technology is quickly becoming a natural leader in its field. While pro argin desensitizing toothpastes are not yet widely-available in the United States because the FDA approval process is still continuing, it is still possible to ease the painful sensitivity.


Sensodyne toothpaste is synonymous with sensitive teeth care. Rated the number one recommended toothpaste for sensitive teeth, Sensodyne has a wide range of toothpastes. These Sensodyne toothpastes have been proven to work effectively in clinical research trials. Sensodyne is effective in treating sensitive teeth, but the downside to the toothpaste brand is its cost. Being one of the most expensive, this leading brand may not fit all consumer budgets.

Arm and Hammer Sensitive

Arm and Hammer Sensitive is toothpaste that delivers. While an excellent plaque remover, this brand of desensitizing toothpastes is winning dental approval. Another plus to the Arm and Hammer Sensitive toothpaste is that it is one of the most cost-efficient sensitive toothpaste brands currently on the market.

Having sensitive teeth is a painful problem. With the help of desensitizing toothpaste, there is hope. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth can allow you to enjoy those simple things in your life once again.

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