Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Toothache Day

It’s unlikely you already have February 9th on your calendar as a day to celebrate your dentist but this story may change your mind. Even though this year’s National Toothache Day has passed, there is no need to neglect your teeth all year until the next National Toothache Day. Keep your teeth healthy year-round so you can celebrate pain-free!

Apollonia was a highly respected Christian living in Alexandria, Egypt in the third century.  A mob of non-believers dragged her through the streets, knocked out her teeth with archaic tools and built a fire around the city.  They threatened to burn her alive if she didn’t renounce her faith.  She refused and threw herself into the flames.  The Catholic Church celebrates her strength and she is now a patroness of all who alleviate dental pain.  

Since none of us want to spend a minute praying to Apollonia, we’ve come up with the top five ways to celebrate that beautiful smile of yours, while keeping toothaches at bay:

5.  Brush Twice

Four minutes a day is all you need to remove over half the plaque in your mouth.  Although many of you are great brushers, studies have shown that most of us need to slow down. Electric toothbrushes with a timer usually help remind you to spend a full two minutes while following the same pattern each session.  Remember, “Two Minutes, Twice A Day”.

4.  Floss Once

Okay, so what about the other half of the plaque?  The really bad germs live under your gums giving off some pretty damaging toxins and wreaking havoc on your tissue.  Brushing alone cannot reach that sneaky bacterium so you need to get in between your teeth to keep colonies from building up again. If string floss makes you crazy, then try one of the many interproximal tools that make this healthy habit much easier.

3.  Eat and Drink Tooth Smart

It’s common knowledge that sugary drinks and soda are not good for your teeth but many will admit they aren’t sure why.  Frequent snacking on anything that lowers the pH (raises the acid) in your mouth can make the outer shell of your tooth weak.  The average pH of a diet soda is very close to stomach acid!  Since sugar and carbohydrates are a food source for the bacteria in your mouth, every time you eat, so do they.  As their numbers grow, the acid produced increases too.  It usually takes twenty to thirty minutes for your saliva to get that pH back to normal. The best way to fight off acid is to limit sipping on drinks that can damage your teeth and snack on foods that contain very little sugar.  Drinking water after meals and choosing tooth friendly snacks will help prevent damage to your teeth.

2.  Rinse and Repeat

There are hundreds of products lining the shelves that claim to help your teeth and gums so it’s hard to decide which one is best.  Without a doubt, rinsing is a healthy habit and an easy way to wash away loose particles of food and dead bacteria.  Many times, your dentist will see the need for a specific type of rinse to repair and prevent.  When you find which one is the best for you, consistency is key.  Whether it’s a little extra fluoride or something to help with inflammation, the most important thing is to let the swish stay on your teeth for the recommended time.

1.  Thank your Dental Team

Remember that you aren’t alone when it comes to celebrating your teeth.  Your dental team loves to see healthy, beautiful smiles.  They know that you have a special set of circumstances that makes you different than every other patient.  When problems arise, they are there to help and since preventing pain is their main goal, what better way to commemorate a day like this one, than thanking your dentist and the staff.  Everyday can be a day to celebrate a healthy and pain-free smile!


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