Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder Problems

Do you wake up in the morning with headaches?  Do you experience any pain when you chew or hear strange sounds near your ear?  There’s a possibility that you have TMJ Disorder, otherwise known as Temporomandibular Disorder. Problems of the jaw joint are very common and most can be resolved with the help of your dental team.

Treat the Muscles

One all too common cause of jaw joint problems is stress.  When we are stressed, we tense up all over. Grinding and clenching your teeth causes the muscles of the head and neck to tighten and become inflamed.  Relaxation skills, massage therapy and anti-inflammatories are often helpful for mild cases of TMJ Disorder dysfunction.

Treat the Teeth

Common treatments that Dr. Daxon uses are splint therapy and mouth guards. Splints and mouth guards are constructed of hard acrylic or high-grade plastic, custom made and molded to fit over your upper and lower teeth. Usually worn while you sleep, the teeth-grinding splint or mouth guard protects your teeth from damage and reduces muscle strain. In some cases, correcting your bite with crowns and orthodontic intervention will allow the jaw joint to relax when all of the teeth find a comfortable place to rest.

Surgical Procedures

In some extreme cases, the only way to resolve the problem is with a surgical intervention.  Removing excess bone, debris or scar tissue within the joint or total joint replacement can be done by a specialist.

Although we love creating beautiful smiles, our main concern is making sure our patients are happy and pain free.  TMJ Disorder can be debilitating and frustrating but with a thorough exam, we help people find ways to regain relief.  Often times, the key is early intervention and sticking to a plan.

If you feel you may have TMJ disorder, please call our office for an evaluation.

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