What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings?

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings?

If you have ever visited the dentist and discovered you needed a filling, you were probably faced with a decision between amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are frequently called silver fillings. Cosmetic fillings use a composite resin that resembles the color of a healthy tooth. Cosmetic fillings are more and more popular, because they blend in with the tooth and can make your smile beautiful.

Composite Filling Material

Cosmetic fillings are made from composite resin which is a synthetic material that can match practically any shade of tooth. These fillings can form to the tooth and give a healthy and natural feel. They are virtually invisible.

Tooth Decay and Fillings

When your tooth decays enough to the point of needing a filling, there is usually some sort of hole or weakness in the enamel and dentine of your tooth. If it continues to worsen, you could begin to have issues with the nerves located in your teeth. A filling simply fills the hole and bonds to your tooth to make it stronger and less susceptible to further decay. Composite fillings easily bond to your tooth to strengthen it. The cosmetic filling will naturally adhere to your tooth and be hard enough to prevent decay.

Composite Bonding

A cosmetic filling will bond to your teeth easily and look great. Expansion of a filled tooth could cause the tooth to crack or fracture. Composite fillings  protect your teeth by sealing the cracks of the tooth. This prevents cavities or decay from occurring.

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