What are the Different Types of Dentures?

What are the Different Types of Dentures

Many individuals approach a time when they need to consider dentures, due to gum disease, accidents or decay. Finding the right dentures can boost a person’s self-confidence, while eliminating health risks and further decay.

Dentures have evolved to suit a variety of individuals, requesting different types. Dentures are usually either porcelain or plastic, with porcelain more closely resembling a natural tooth.

Standard dentures are most suitable for individuals suffering the loss of all of their teeth in a row. Top and bottom dentures fit onto your gums by a fitted plate, customized to fit your jaw. Proper fit is necessary to eliminate potential movement while eating and speaking.

If only a few teeth are missing, a removable partial can be fitted, with present teeth fitting through custom made holes in the plate. Several adjustments may be necessary to properly fit standard and partial removable dentures. A fixed partial can also be fitted into a space by using the crowns of surrounding teeth as a support.

Temporary, or immediate, dentures used to often become permanent for some. After the extraction of teeth, the temporary dentures are used for approximately three months, with wires fitting over the gums. They are used prior to standard dentures, as the gums and jaw typically shrink after extraction.

With an overdenture, the root of the original tooth is saved, bonded by metal and covered with an overtooth. This prevents decay and bone loss. Miniature titanium implants are four, closely placed, tiny rods in the jaw with metal housing. These implants allow a denture to snap into place. It can be removed for easy cleaning.

Implant retained dentures are the closest to natural teeth. They are porcelain, making them extremely durable. A titanium screw is placed in a pre-drilled hole, to which the porcelain tooth is then attached.

Prices vary for the different types of denture, depending upon the type needed. Whether you need a partial, an implant or a full-set of standard dentures, contact your dentist today.

Dentures can reduce health risks greatly, while boosting your confidence and appearance. Everyone deserves a healthy smile.