What is a Dental Cleaning?

What is a Dental Cleaning

Dental work is very important for the quality of life and health of a person. However, not many people might know why it is important to have a dental cleaning regularly. Many patients forget to book an appointment with their dentist to get a dental cleaning.

Others may, unfortunately, not think it is important, especially if they brush their teeth and floss regularly. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) recommends everyone have two dental cleanings a year.

Why is a dental cleaning so important? Because a dental cleaning is the best preventative way to protect a patient’s mouth from dangerous health issues and negative lifestyle changes.

First, it’s important to know what a dental cleaning is. A dental cleaning is where a dental technician analyzes and cleans a patient’s teeth. The dental technician helps clean off all the tartar that has built up around the teeth. Tartar is a substance, which is the build up of bacteria on the teeth.

As more bacteria exist on a tooth, a plaque-like substance will form, which is the tartar. Dental technicians will also help whiten teeth from the stains many people have on their teeth, such as from coffee and acidic drinks.

The dental technician will then use specialize tooth-care products, like fluoride-rich toothpaste, to clean the teeth. Finally, the technician will check on the gums by seeing if the gum tissue is sensitive. They will also floss the gums. After the dental cleaning, the dentist will review the teeth, make recommendations on lifestyle changes or provide further diagnostic checks.

Some people might need x-rays done to examine the roots of teeth. Other patients might need to be analyzed to make sure oral cancer is not developing.

The AGD recommends that a patient have a dental cleaning every six months so that these extensive reviews are done on a patient’s mouth.

Teeth that are treated by the dental technician will not only be cleaner, but they will be reinforced and stronger. The increase in strength is due to the cleaning chemicals and tools used on the teeth.

In addition, when the dentist is able to monitor the patient’s teeth and mouth, this can help the dentist find any red flags that are concerning in relation to the patient’s general health or oral health.

A dental cleaning is an easy way to protect a patient’s mouth, but also help their general well being in life. It is important that patients book their dental cleaning today so they can improve their oral health.