What Is an Occlusal Cavity?

What Is an Occlusal Cavity?

Everyone has peaks and valleys in their teeth with some teeth experiencing particularly deep grooves. When tooth decay occurs on the top surface of a tooth, it is sometimes referred to as an occlusal cavity.

When it comes to staying occlusal cavity free, there are numerous habits you should practice. Learn more here.

Preventing Occlusal Cavities

The primary cause of tooth decay is bacteria. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can prevent bacteria from wreaking havoc within your mouth. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, here are three habits to adopt, which can help tremendously in cavity prevention.

– Avoid Sugar and Sucrose: Bacteria feed on organic foodstuff; however, the food they prefer most is sugar. Bacteria, which are ultimately responsible for breaking down the dentin and causing decay and cavities in teeth, thrive on sucrose, which is a type of sugar that is found in simple carbohydrate foods like candy, cookies, crackers, and sugary drinks. Incidentally these foods are also acid producing which is harmful to the teeth as well because of the demineralization that an acid environment causes.

– Check Nutrition Labels: Product nutritional labels are a great aid on the quest for limiting sugar. Eliminating or limiting foods containing high levels of sucrose can go a long way in the prevention of cavities. There are sugars in fruits and dairy products, as well as many hidden sugars in other products that are not commonly known to contain sugar.

– Drink More Water: Another very effective method is swishing water and washing away food sticking to the occlusal surface. Drinking water throughout the day and eating vegetables or other foods that mechanically remove sticky foods from teeth can be healthy habits to adopt. In addition, it is recommended that food be eaten at mealtimes as opposed to snacking throughout the day for optimal tooth health.

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