What Is Black Gum Disease?

What Is Black Gum Disease?

Many people have experienced periodontal disease, which is a disease of the gums and surrounding tissues. Periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, can normally be treated with good hygiene and proper dental care. Black gum disease, or necrotizing periodontal disease, however, is an uncommon but serious form of gum disease that requires immediate treatment. The disease kills the gums, tissues and bones that surround the teeth and can be indicative of serious health problems.

What are the Symptoms of Black Gum Disease?

The symptoms of this serious disease normally present rapidly, which is why it is often known as acute necrotizing periodontal disease, and it may bring a sudden onset of:

– black gums or tissue

– deep ulcers at the edge of the gums that may go into the bones

– severe jaw pain

– bad breath

– bleeding in gums

– metallic taste in the mouth

Additionally, because black gum disease causes pain and difficulty in chewing and eating, recent weight loss or malnutrition can also be symptoms.

What Causes this Condition?

Black gum disease is caused by an infection in the gums. Many types of bacteria commonly exist in the mouth and most are harmless. Poor hygiene can cause the harmful bacteria in the mouth to flourish. Sometimes these bacteria can cause an infection in the gums and result in black gum disease. Normally, a healthy immune system can fight this infection, which is why this condition is typically found in people with a compromised immune system. People who have AIDS or are HIV positive, have extreme stress, use tobacco, are malnourished or have poorly controlled diabetes are at a higher risk of getting black gum disease.

What Can Be Done to Treat It?

Antibiotics can be prescribed that will kill the underlying infection and bacteria that are causing the disease. Debridement, which is the removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue, is also done to allow the remaining healthy tissue in the mouth to heal. Factors that led to the disease, such as another underlying virus or poor hygiene, will also need to be addressed in order to prevent it from returning in the future.

Let Daxon Dentistry Help

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